My Second Home!

Solusi University, what fortune I have encountered there


It’s almost a week now since I left my second home, Solusi University . When I was driving towards the gates, passing the memorable sights like the bridge we used to run to during one module I did when I was sophomore year, I realised I will miss that place.

Four years of my life I spent at Solusi and when I come to think of it they have been the most memorable. I have made friends for life, friends I can count on and friends that sure became family.

Sure, it has never been easy but it was all worth it. When I think back to the first year, first week and compare it to the graduation week just a few days ago, I notice that I have come a long way. I am one lucky girl. I am now an educated, result oriented woman who can go out to the world and say : “Yes I am a product of Solusi and I am proud of it. ”

The bitter sweet moment was evident through out the week as I went around campus reminiscing about what happened at a certain spot and taking selfies with my friends. (Thank God for smart phones). It hit me hard I might not see these people again, I might not come back to Solusi again. But alas, everything is possible.

I am happy my journey took me through the gates of Solusi and as the popular hymn we used to sing says “Yes, we shall gather at the river”. With those comforting words I know I will meet all the wonderfully people I have had an opportunity to get to know and build lasting relations with once more.

Solusi University is my second home and it has taught me a lot and for that I am more than grateful. With the skills that I have manage to salvage from Solusi I am ready for the next step.

Future, get ready the daughter of the most High, a proud Solusian is coming for you.

My Family is my Everything!!!!


My family is my only weakness. I would kill for them, and anything that happens to any of them happens to me ten times more. When my brothers hurt I hurt more my heart swells and I feel let down, I feel I could have done better to help them move past whatever it is they facing. When my sisters cry I sob on their behalf and I wish I could take all the pain and put it on me so that I do not see the tears in their eyes and the quiver in their voices. When my parents are stressed and sick I feel my heart torn out of my chest. I cannot bare to see them suffer, I feel inadequate I feel lost because I cannot help them in any way.

My family is my hamartia.

They are the first people I grew to love and they are my everything. I could not bare to lose them and I do not imagine a life without them. They are my go to guys, they are my personal diary, my family I love them all.

When something happens to us, we soldier on as a family and by the grace of God we always achieve victorious because God would never forsake us. Even if I look at the challenges we have gone through and wish they had never happened to us I know that God choose us to go through those hurdles to make us stronger at the end. He does not give us struggles we cannot get past He has favored us and by such will always be with us.

My strength lies on my family.

I love my family because they are my everything. I would never trade them for anything and their problems are mine as well. Even after pain and grief we come out strong and we always soldier on. They are my family my strength.

My family is my pillar.

As much as we cry we also smile, and the smiles far surpass the pain and the smiles all come from the people who surround me. We notice each other’s weaknesses and by such we grow from them and help each other were we fall short. We smile because we love each other, we fight I do not dispute that but love and happiness always conquers the pain and sorrow because we cannot bare to leave without each other.

My family is my smile keeper.

My family is my strength it makes me carry one even if I do not want to, it helps me move past the problems I have. I am who I am today because of them. Their love is unconditional and forever.

My family is my love.

For the love of Books!!!


Holding a book in my hand helps me feel whole. Do not get me wrong I am whole but the mere fact that I can read a novel instead of watching a movie to me is interesting.

I was recently reading Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix when my roommate, Grace, decided to ask if I had never watched the movie before. Turning towards her with a beam on my face I exclaimed I had. In my head I was thinking we were going to go into detail on how J.K Rowling is such a literal genius and how ‘You know who’ should just be killed by Dumbledore instead of tormenting poor Potter, and most importantly how the movies did not do justice to the magnificent words she wrote.

But alas! She says “So why read the novel?”

With a sigh I then had to go into detail on why I prefer to read the novel instead of watching a movie, after all the novel is the original work, it is not reenacted and one good thing about a novel is that they are no scenes that are cut and every single detail is present.

She is not the first one to ask me why I prefer a novel, and I am so tired of my continuous explanation. ‘A novel has more depth than a movie’. Do not get me wrong I watch movies as well even the reenacted ones but I would rather watch it after reading the novel reason being I do not want to miss any tiny detail.

I have watched all the Harry Potter movies and I have read all the novels, but they is nothing wrong about repeating them once in a while.

I love the feel of a book in my hands, the turning of the pages as I sit on the edge of my sit not knowing what to expect. The creamy colored pages engross my mind and the cover is mesmerizing as it tells a story of its own. I love books. The crispy feel of a page when it is being turned and the fact that the author whilst writing that story was eager to pour out her dreams into the paper as I am eager to absorb that information as well.

My dream is to have a library in my house where I can be surrounded by books and where I can sit and be engrossed in a book with the sweet smell of paper surrounding me. What I would want for Christmas is a book so that I increase my collection. So that I can widen my mind on the different experiences that the author wants us to know.

I love books.

Why do i write?


I usually ask myself this question and I felt that my first ever blog should focus on the reasons behind why I pen down my ideas, thoughts and news in general.

I would like to believe that God gave me this talent for a reason and misusing it is my fault. ( I will dwell on that some other time hopefully).

Now back to the question why do I write? I write because I am scared firstly. Of what? Of the problems that I might encounter in the real world. I am scared of opening up to people who will use my words against me in future. People who will always find a way to twist my words and make me look evil and a bit loco.

I also write to escape the pain ad problems that I encounter in the real world. I use my pen as a wand to help me erase all the pain that is going through my heart and I use the paper to be that sweet smelling handkerchief that will dry off the tears that cascade down my face after I get disappointed.( Point to note for my future self: you are hurting right now !)

Enough with the self pity *sigh*, I write to empower other people. To share my stories with them and hope that by sharing a problem the solution is easily found. I write to empower people and I write to share my ideas in hopes that one day they might be considered of importance. I cannot call myself a writer without acknowledging the fact that I write because it is my PASSION. I am one with my words and i believe my words define me.

I am a writer and I will continue to be one. The world is my canvas my words the paint to color it. I will not be stopped!!!